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Sunday, January 2, 2011

June 20, 1968

Dear Family,

I think that we have received some sort of communication from each of you since my last decker.
Although when I wrote, Mother was still in the Hospital.

It seemed as though the anesthetist who was to assist the Doctor in operating on Mother on
Monday the 17th of June, was called away on an emergency. The Doctor refused to operate with
another, so he postponed the operation for a week, which would have made it to-day. Then mother
cried on his shoulder about twenty additional x-rays, with weights on her leg, studying these, he and his
conference concluded that the activity of the “vile spot” would not preclude delaying the operation until
1 July, so , Saturday evening a small voice on the telephone said; “Come get me Daddy”.

It was a very nice Father’s Day present- the best I could have asked for! Then I received calls
from most of you. The Stobbes, Wilsons and McKays gathered around two telephones, singing happy
Fathers Day, was quite a thrill. Marta said they had to expel the little ones because they all wanted to
talk to Grandpa.

I was quite surprised to receive a Father’s Day Letter from David. His ship is conducting trials
north of Seattle. He is crying for the flesh pots of Long Beach, so he must be loaded. He gets the cast off
his hand tomorrow.

The “Buckaroo” McKays are always a little late, but we did get a letter from Fran yesterday. Bill
is working in the timber. The twins had a Birthday, their sixth. Fran concluded with a mysterious note
about something happening in October. 21?

The Stobbes arrive tomorrow. They should feel right at home in this weather. It was 109
yesterday and they say there is no relief in sight. It broke some kind of a record. We are going some
where in the mountains with them. It will be a chore keeping Grandma quiet, but it would be just as bad
if we stayed at home. At least she lets me cook in the field.

I will stop now as I have to go to Nogales this P.M. I would sooner take a whipping becaiso while
it is only 10:00 A.M. and is 100 degrees,

Again, I thank of all of you for cards, calls and letters. Marta, yours made me blush! I hope you
will always feel that way.

Vaya Con Dios,


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